Dear Paula,

How can we possibly thank you? We came to you in desperation, not talking to each other, not sleeping together, not even sharing a bedroom!

In the process of putting our family home on the market after 17 years of marriage and on the very brink of throwing it all away; 6 weeks later and we are reunited, re committed and “In Love”.

We have had many “ups and downs” over the years and have been to other counsellors for numerous visits but although the sessions served to calm the storm, there was no real progress made into addressing the underlying issues and mending our relationship.

Your straight forward approach, honesty, genuine understanding, insight, incredible perception, sense of humour and beautiful spirit in conjunction with some practical, albeit sometimes confronting exercises all combined to enlighten us.

So thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, you have set us on the right road, shown us how to communicate again, which has allowed us to reconnect on a different level and plan again for our future together.

Name withheld

Mt Eliza, Victoria

“…having your personality profiled and inner feelings quizzed, sounded like a daunting experience. But ask every one of our managers who went through this experience and they say they came out exhilarated, charged and personally rewarded. Paula provided a vital insight into the ‘health’ of our managers and their people management skills, with critical appraisals and smart recommendations. JWT Sydney has been enriched by their involvement in our business…”

Simon Fitch

Managing Director, JWT Sydney

The audience was hostile, and cynical. However after the one-day session much new ground was covered and much progress was made both in the new team development and the management processes within the Account Management group. My thanks go out to the expert Trainers for assisting us with covering the issues, forcing us to confront some of the issues and providing direction for the path ahead. We will certainly loop back for additional Management Training…

Martin Griffin

General Manager, Clemenger Harvie Edge

I wanted to thank you for all your help last year. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m completely sober and have no intentions of screwing it up. Life is great again and we are doing well and much much happier.

It was not easy, but you really helped and I managed to get myself together before we lost everything we have worked so hard for. After coming out of the haze it is so clear how hollow I was. It was a miserable existence and horrible for my friends and family, who luckily stood by my side when they could have just walked away. Thanks again

Paula is such a wonderful person and therapist. She has helped me more in 3 visits than in 18 visits with a psychologist.  I highly recommend her to you for whatever issue you may be dealing with.  She goes above and beyond for her clients.  Thank you Paula, much love.

We loved the quiet, stress free environment and the fact a third person was mediating was awesome.  It meant that although our individual concerns had been voiced privately – neither of us listend to the other.

Having a mediating person made us both listen, acknowledge and act on each others concerns. Our homework brought discussion into our relationship and helped us reconnect. We are now regularly stopping and acknowledging each other isn a positive way. Thank You.

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